Barillaro v. Bass Plumbing & Heating Corp: After three days on trial before Judge Ritholtz in Queens Supreme, the jury returned a verdict within an hour after receiving the case. The plaintiff alleged that he fell into an unprotected trench and struck an uncapped end of a rebar. Plaintiff’s claims sounded in negligence and violation of Labor Law §200.


Burke v Red Oaks Mill Carpet: Defense verdict for client in Dutchess County where the issue that went to the jury was whether defendant’s employee had permission to use the company vehicle which ended up striking a police officer.


Colon v. Distinguished Products: Defense verdict. New York County. Plaintiff slipped and fell on oil in office, next to machinery recently serviced by firm client, sustained herniated discs with surgery. Defendants argued pre-existing condition and lack of proof of negligence. Trial court recommended settlement at $625k.


Duran v. TG Nickel, et al. Directed Verdict in favor of Client. Nassau County. The trial judge granted our motion for a directed verdict at the close of evidence on liability finding that the work which the injured plaintiff was performing at the time of his alleged accident was outside the scope of our client’s construction management agreement with the property owner.  Any additional work that arose during the course of job could only be authorized to our client via a written Change Order executed by the Owner.  Owner failed to produce evidence of any such written Change Order for the subject work.


Eiseman v. Ballestri’s: Defense verdict in Westchester County case involving allegations of building code violations, improper stair construction, hip fracture and hip replacement.


Endall v. Sublink: Defense verdict in Kings County on a Labor Law case where the plaintiff alleged that defendant failed to provide hoisting equipment and adequate manpower to prevent a steel grating from falling onto plaintiff’s foot. Markedly different versions of how the accident happened and plaintiff’s lack of credibility warranted defense verdict.


Escobar v. Connecticut Light and Power et al v. GK Building Supply: Product liability. Settlement during trial, Federal District Court, Southern District. Plaintiff, employee of firm client employer, contacted overhead power lines while operating defendants boom truck to make delivery of building materials, sustaining severe electrical burns. Defendant boom manufacturers settled for $4.5 Million. Firm client employer paid no "fresh money", and recovered entire WC $260,000. net lien and set-off future WC payments completely.


Frumusa v.P.J Weyer: Defense verdict in Suffolk County Labor Law ceiling collapse case involving allegations of head trauma and reflex sympathetic dystrophy.


Goldberg v. Tri County Ambulance: Defense verdict on injury causation in Bronx County case Involving rear end collision with herniated discs.


Gonnot v. Hatch: Defense verdict in a Sullivan County automobile "cross over" case with bi-lateral ankle fractures with open reduction and internal fixation surgery. Differing versions of who crossed over line, with opposing accident reconstruction experts.