Hendrickson v. Dynamic Medical Imaging: Defense verdict in a Queens County Labor Law case involving a crush/amputation foot injury when a five ton steel slab fell from fork lift after hoist strap failed.


Jara v. Bart Electric: Defense verdict in Westchester County Labor Law 240(1)case involving electrician who fell from ladder when struck by improperly mounted light fixture sustaining fractured leg with open reduction and internal fixation injury.


Long v. A.R Mack Construction: Defense verdict in Dutchess County Labor Law §240(1) case involving "sole proximate cause" defense, where intoxicated union iron worker fell eighteen feet from a truckload of steel sustaining career ending hip and pelvic fractures.


Mazzei v. Scrodin: Defense verdict in Dutchess County Labor Law case involving cement truck that ran over construction worker causing leg injury with total knee replacement.


McComber v. Lehr McGovern: Defense verdict for firm client. New York County Labor Law §240 case. Plaintiff crushed by steel column while erecting connecting beams for new Yankee Stadium, sued Lehr McGovern and firm's client, Interstate Industries, the steel fabricator and erector. In bifurcated trial, jury apportioned 0% fault to firm client; later returned verdict against Lehr alone for $30.5 Million.


McHenry v. 1020 Park Avenue: Defense verdict for firm client, JMA Engineers, in New York County bifurcated Labor Law 240 case. Plaintiff fell four stories while pointing exterior brickwork, sustained brain injury, fx'd pelvis, elbow, severed urethra, impotence, removal of spleen; tried by Harvey Weitz for plaintiff. Co-defendant settled during damages for $5.1 Million.


Mugavero v. Jason C. Leonard, Inc.: Defense Verdict. Nassau County. Jury trial on liability. This is another NYS Labor Law case stemming from a trip and fall accident with an allegation that defendants violated Labor Law §241(6). Plaintiff underwent multiple surgeries of the ankle and shoulder.


Muller v. Equitable et al v. Burgess Steel: Defense Verdict. King County. Labor Law §241(6) case. Plaintiff, union ironworker employee of firm's client, Burgess, injured moving steel beam during renovation work, resulting in multiple lower back injuries and surgeries. Jury found no negligence, no violation of Industrial Code. Affirmed on appeal.


Nicoletti v. 42-24 235 St. LLC: Defense verdict. Partner Joseph Redd obtained a defense verdict before Justice Alan Weiss, Queens County in a case involving union electrician who sustained a trimalleolar fracture with open reduction and internal fixation surgery. Plaintiff claimed defendant permitted or created a dangerous snow/ice condition on the job, resulting in permanent incapacity and resulting inability to work in any capacity. Defense attacked plaintiff's allegations concerning location of fall by presenting testimony of snow removal contractor, co-workers, accident photos and certified weather records. Plaintiff's last demand: $450,000. Final offer: $150,000.


Rivera v. Auxialliary Services: Defense verdict. Richmond County, (Staten Island). Plaintiff security guard sustained arm, shoulder and burn injuries trying to escape burning security vehicle while working for firm's client, College of Staten Island, which was responsible for the purchase and maintenance of security vehicles.