Sanders v Nathanson Consulting: Jury verdict of $70,000 on damages only trial in Queens County where plaintiff fell from a ladder, Labor Law §240 was granted in plaintiff's favor, plaintiff sustained bilateral wrist fractures treated via closed reduction.


Schuyler v. Perry: Dutchess County damage's only case involving head on collision with car in which plaintiff was a passenger. Successful defense of case involving allegations of reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Injuries included fractured leg, hand, and surgical implantation of spinal stimulator. Pursuant to high/low agreement, upon jury verdict plaintiff received agreed upon low.


Scibelli v. Sunrise Industrial: Defense verdict for firm client, Nassau County. Labor Law §241(6). Plaintiff tripped on re-bar placed for reinforced concrete. Firm represented third-party defendant employer Spartan Concrete, impleaded for common law and contractual indemnity to defendants. Court granted our motion to dismiss, but withheld decision pending verdict. Jury returned defense verdict.


Scudari v. S.L. Benfica: Bronx County case involving allegations of improperly double parked truck resulting in bicycle accident and resulting tibial plateau fracture. Jury found defendant ten percent responsible, and plaintiff received five thousand dollars.


Slolely v. Hatch: Defense verdict in Rockland County wrongful death automobile case involving allegations of excessive speed and failure to give right of way. Defense included testimony from accident reconstruction expert and use of accompanying computer generated simulation/recreation of the accident.


Sow v. Precise Construction: Defense verdict on injury causation in Bronx County damage's only case involving truck accident, knee injury requiring multiple knee surgeries.


Sullivan v. DRA Imaging: Defense verdict. New York County. Plaintiff injured in motor vehicle collision with van driven by firm's client. Plaintiff claimed Traumatic Brain Injury, and offered neuropsychiatric and PET scan evidence and expert testimony of cognitive, psychological and neurological deficits, claimed multiple fractures and injuries. Jury found for defendant on all five alleged "serious injuries". Affirmed on appeal.


Williams v. Keio Academy, Morse Diesel v. Morrel Brown: Defense verdict. Westchester County. Plaintiff slip and fall during construction, Labor Law §241(6) case. Firm client, (plaintiff's employer), sued by Defendants owner and GC for contribution, indemnity. Trial court granted firm's motion to dismiss at close of evidence. Client recovered entire WC lien and obtained future WC set-off on Plaintiff's subsequent $400,000. verdict.


Williams v. DMJ Restaurant: Defense verdict in Ulster County on motor vehicle accident case, hit in the rear, damages only. Jury held that plaintiff did not sustain a "serious injury".


Zielenska v Moy: Jury verdict in Queens County of $15,000 in total for two plaintiffs. Case involved a hit in the rear motor vehicle accident where liability was conceded. Injuries were soft tissue.