Partner Kevin Page obtains summary judgment on behalf of Chartis Insurance Company

Summary Judgment was granted to Champion Carrier in a products liability action before Judge Cathy Seibel in the SDNY. Plaintiff was injured by a internal spring mechanism found within a vehicle's external side-view mirror, resulting in an orbital floor fracture and partial blindness in one eye. Product liability claims were brought against the vehicle's manufacturer, General Motors, and Champion Carrier, who altered the truck's rear-bed into a tow-truck. Plaintiff attempted to argue that Champion should be held liable given that they 'implicitly approved' of the mirror's design by performing alterations on the vehicle (i.e. – they should have refused to work on the vehicle, given 'known' past problems with the subject mirror). The Judge agreed with Champion that since it never bought or sold the subject vehicle, nor participated in the design or manufacture of the mirror unit, it could not be held liable under any products liability theory.